ShotSpotter, Inc, a pioneer in precision policing technology solutions that enable law enforcement to more effectively respond to, investigate and deter crime, launches its ShotSpotter SiteSecure™ for Retail program to provide outdoor gunfire detection for retail chains and malls.

ShotSpotter SiteSecure is a gunfire detection solution that alerts retail security personnel within seconds of a shooting incident around their stores and parking lots, protecting retail shoppers and associates by enabling faster response by security, law enforcement and medical personnel.

Highest retail violence

Fatalities and violent incidents in retail spiked to an all-time high in 2020, increasing 40 percent since 2016, according to the latest D&D Daily retail crime report. The findings revealed that 88% of the fatalities were from gunfire and that parking lots experienced the highest retail violence, followed closely by stores and malls.

ShotSpotter’s own gunfire data also showed a significant increase in retail area shootings

ShotSpotter’s own gunfire data also showed a significant increase in retail area shootings, rising 42 percent from 2019 to 2020 in areas with ShotSpotter coverage. The increase includes 5,141 confirmed gunfire incidents within a quarter mile of retail establishments in 2019, to 7,299 in 2020. The retail establishments represented a mix of grocers, discount/dollar stores, big box retailers, home improvement/DIY, and supply chain/distribution centres that fell within U.S. coverage areas for ShotSpotter.

Dedicated security experts

SiteSecure for retail is a new program that provides US-based retailers with dedicated security experts, custom-tailored solutions for enhanced perimeter security, simplified pricing bundles, and seamless integration into existing video surveillance, access controls, and other security technologies. It complements similar programs for corporate facilities, government buildings, and college campuses.

SiteSecure’s core technology uses acoustic sensors to listen for loud, impulsive sounds that could be gunshots. Using a combination of machine learning and human review, incidents are quickly verified and alerts are sent to law enforcement and security teams including a precise location of the incident, a number of rounds fired, and tactical information.

Public safety personnel

The alerts provide a critical time advantage that enable security officials to quickly mobilise

The alerts provide a critical time advantage that enables security officials to quickly mobilise and safely mitigate the threat. SiteSecure’s technology is already used in over 100 cities across the U.S. to provide public safety personnel with a critical time advantage needed to act quickly and confidently in a crisis situation.

Improving safety around stores requires a range of solutions including sharing best practices and greater cooperation between retailers and law enforcement,” said Terry Sullivan, President of the Loss Prevention Foundation. “With a proven tool like ShotSpotter SiteSecure, retailers are assured that police and their own leadership teams will be quickly alerted to gunfire at a specific location and will respond swiftly to help keep customers and employees safe.”

Ensuring public safety

Going with your family to the mall or department store should be a safe and secure everyday event, but sadly we have seen the threats of gun violence escalate to levels that have retailers seeking new solutions to ensure public safety in and around their establishments,” said Ralph A. Clark, President and CEO of ShotSpotter.

With SiteSecure for Retail, we can help retail locations provide a 24 x 7 outdoor ‘dome of protection’ for the people who work, shop and congregate in these locations and ensure first responders are notified quickly in a shooting event.”

As part of the program, ShotSpotter has partnered with the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) to provide valuable resources and expertise to Loss Prevention and Security pioneers in retail. LPF and ShotSpotter will co-host a webinar featuring former NYPD Commissioner William Bratton on the following topic: Managing the New Normal - Perspectives on the State of Public Safety and the Impact on Retail Security. The session is open to the public and will be held on April 15th, 10 am PT/1 pm ET.