Nexkey, an innovator in cloud-based mobile access control, developed a new technology for retailers to simplify store operations and management after an increased need for curbside pickups, loss prevention, and overall better consumer experience to battle online shopping.

Nexkey Core

Nexkey has developed new lock compatibility for the Nexkey Core to replace every lock and key in the store with the smartphone, most notably retail cabinets. Nexkey also expanded its dashboard to deliver never before data covering store occupancy and department activity. 

By eliminating keys with an app, this new technology from Nexkey helps shorten the checkout process by minimising the time consumers wait for locked merchandise, preventing theft and asset loss with key logs, and can improve and speed up online shopping by granting the third party online order pickers access to merchandise cabinets.

Seamless access experience 

Access can be granted to every employee for every lock imaginable which gives retailers the highest security"

For the past 3 years, we have helped over 800 businesses simplify access and streamline operations to their commercial buildings. After receiving a lot of interest from leading, nationwide retailers, we’ve re-designed Nexkey to fit the needs of any retail environment to create a seamless experience for both employees and consumers,” says Nexkey CEO Eric Trabold.

For the first time, access can be granted to every employee for every lock imaginable which gives retailers the necessary data, highest security, and fastest shopping experience possible to successfully operate a store.”

Mobile and cloud-connected locks

Nexkey Core, which turns any mechanical lock smart in minutes supports popular retail lock types including but not limited to plunger-, ratchet, and cam-locks. Because of easy installation, hundreds of mechanical locks can be converted to mobile credentialed and cloud-connected locks in a matter of hours.

Retailers can remotely manage thousands of keys around the store on one unified platform - Storefront doors, employee doors, display or retail cabinets, padlocks, and more.

Records data in the dashboard 

Retail associates and online order pickers have access to help customers and complete orders faster rather than waiting for a manager with the keys, improving the overall customer experience. Every access event is tracked in the app and records who opened what and when, this minimises theft and gives valuable insights into consumer engagement. Thousands of metal keys that weren’t possible to create and manage before, can instantly be issued or revoked digitally.

With Nexkey’s improved dashboard, retailers can gain valuable insights from visual data around occupancy, usage, the flow of people, and activity throughout the store. This data can aid store managers to make informed decisions around staffing, product placement, workflows, and more.