10 May 2023

Nebulon, Inc.®, the pioneer of cyber-resilient smartInfrastructure™ for data centres edge to core, announced TripLine™, a new threat detection service designed to alert customers when a cryptographic ransomware attack has been detected, as well as the precise location and point-in-time the attack occurred. The company also announced smartDefense, a cybersecurity solution that narrows threat vectors, detects ransomware attacks and accelerates recovery.

Despite the growing awareness about the dangers of ransomware—nearly two-thirds (63%) of the codebases in production have unpatched vulnerabilities rated “High” or “Critical” according to the March 2023 Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report. The same report also cites an average response time of approximately six days to a security alert, whereas it only takes a few hours for threat actors to start exploiting a newly disclosed vulnerability.