5 May 2023

Detection Technology, a pioneer in X-ray detector solutions, is broadening its linear detector array (LDA) offering that is based on time delay integration (TDI) technology to enhance in-line battery inspection. The company has launched X-Scan T02 cameras, which come with unique high-resolution, high-speed complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor design and upgraded front- and back-end electronics to maximise the benefits of industrial inspection to its fullest.

The X-Scan T02 series combines the advantages of X-ray flat panel detectors (FPD) and line scanners. It features superior image quality as FPDs, and fast scanning speeds associated with LDAs. Very high resolution and high speed make it an ideal solution for in-line industrial inspection that values the most accurate detection of the smallest quality issues, fast product throughputs, and maximised production line up-times,” says Tomi Fält, Director, Product Management, at Detection Technology.