SATO, a global company in the development of auto-ID and labelling solutions, has announced the launch of its innovative TEMPCHECK TouchFree solution to enable a 100% contactless approach to verify the identity, health, and safety of all on-site employees and visitors.

The fully automated solution combines a tablet device, which has facial recognition and temperature scanning capabilities, with the SATO CT4-LX intelligent label printer to facilitate triple confirmation at the point of entry. With full track and trace capabilities, the TEMPCHECK TouchFree solution records and stores data electronically, deleting it after a set period of time to comply with HIPPA and GDPR policies.

Rapid and accurate solution

The TEMPCHECK TouchFree solution from SATO is designed to protect, prevent and limit the spread of infection

Paul McIntyre, Industrial & Retail Sales Executive at SATO, said, “The health and safety of employees and visitors at any workplace or venue should always be a top priority. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become vital that entrance points should become the focal point of information gathering to ensure the safety and security of all those in the building.”

The TEMPCHECK TouchFree solution from SATO is designed to protect, prevent and limit the spread of infection, should an outbreak occur. Not only can our technology help to identify which entrance the individual arrived from, but it can also pinpoint who was in front and behind the person in a queue, alongside where they are seated in a stadium environment. This means it can rapidly and accurately identify any potential infection cluster, with all data firmly secured in a local network requiring zero cloud access.”

Contactless solution

To use the TEMPCHECK TouchFree solution, individuals simply scan a QR, NFC, RFID, or barcode and allow the device to scan their face – with or without a mask – to verify their identity. Their temperature is then recorded and sent via Bluetooth to the label printer, which displays their name, date, time entered, and their assigned location in the building on the printed label.

The label also features a QR code that can be scanned by any peripheral device for ID checking and access rights.

At SATO, we continuously strive to innovate with ceaseless creativity,” added McIntyre. “Our contactless auto-identification and temperature checking solution is a superb replacement for the thumbprint, palm print, or keypad entry systems that are required as part of overall security protocols, as well as health and safety regulations. Its end-to-end touch-free access, combined with data gathering and secure retrieval, makes for a value-added solution that is ideal for large corporate, sporting events and more when physical social restrictions lift.”