AZ Alma was a brand new hospital, created by merging two other hospitals. It needed an access control system that could cope with the demands of high levels of employees and visitors, varying access rights and the flexibility to respond in emergencies. The new hospital also had a vision of being completely keyless.

Opportunities offered by AEOS

AZ Alma installed Nedap Security Management’s AEOS access control system and implemented several useful features. LEDs on readers, for example, instantly show nurses which rooms they can’t access.

AZ Alma installed Nedap Security Management’s AEOS access control system

By integrating Mace readers, AZ Alma can give patients a QR code that gives access to parking, doors and elevators, so they can go straight to the right department. And, in line with its keyless vision, even the electrical cabinets have card readers.

Key benefits

  • High security & convenience
  • Significant time and money saved by going keyless
  • Option to trigger emergency settings that change access rights immediately
  • Use of QR codes increases convenience for patients
  • Easy to allocate and manage access rights, even for high volumes of people
  • Freedom to integrate a specific choice of readers and other hardware
  • Future-proofed access control that can be easily extended and adapted

AEOS access control system

AEOS access control system, developed by Nedap Security Management, is a software-based access control system, operated via a web-based dashboard, offering remote log-in from anywhere to control and monitor access. To add more functionality to the system, users can simply select extra options from their access control software.

As AEOS is built on open standards, it integrates with a wide range of technologies, including video monitoring and biometric readers. And it has the flexibility to scale easily, so users can build and grow their access control system.