27 Aug 2009
In order to comply with the new Disability and Discrimination Act 2004, the Law Society building at Chancery Lane, London installed a disabled person's lift. To ensure safety and switch control, Alpro hardware supplied TB25 key override solenoid bolts, from their extensive range of access control products. This allowed the door of the lift to be secured and the lift to be summoned when required.

Alpro Hardware offer a complete range of access control products and door furniture and together with various industry partners are able to offer, as in this instance both pragmatic and cost effective solutions, whilst complying with current government legislation.

Keith Parry, Alpro's Product Manager commented: "Here was a situation that needed both practical ideas and compliance with DDA legislation. By using our extensive access control product range, we have provided a solution that is agreeable to all parties and is aesthetically pleasing."