31 Aug 2007
Recognised as the second largest supermarket group in Britain, and as part of the Wal-Mart family, ASDA stores have become a household name amongst thousands of families in the UK, providing high quality products at competitive prices.  With an increasing demand for high security, ASDA understood that it was now more important than ever to take appropriate action in securing stock and protecting employees in the chain's 300 branches.  In considering security alternatives, the company recognized that it was time to implement an access control system that would impact the company's performance for the future. To do this, ASDA joined forces with project integrators City Building Engineering Services (CBES) to identify and evaluate commercially available security solutions to meet ASDA's needs and requirements.  CBES's evaluation led them to Norbain, a leading UK distributor of electronic security solutions, who recommended HID Global, because they were able to offer a comprehensive range of products to meet ASDA's specified requirements.

Norbain was able to endorse HID's broad product range, which includes 125 kHz proximity-based access control credentials and readers and the award-winning 13.56 MHz iCLASS® line of contactless smart cards and readers.
Top reasons why ASDA chose HID Global Solution

1. Recommendation from leading security distributor, that HID are able to offer comprehensive product range

2. Ability to work with existing credentials; no need to "re-badge''

3. Reassurance that HID is a trusted and reputable brand.

4. Future scalability enabled by iCLASS technology platform

To ensure a successful implementation (and acceptance by ASDA's employees), sec urity management determined a key criterion for the new system was that the company would not have to provide new credentials -or "re-badge"- for existing staff who were already using a form of identity credential.  The company's employees were issued Philips MIFARE® credentials, used to record staff time and attendance records, in addition to cashless vending.

Based on their extensive evaluation, ASDA decided on ACT, a contact and customer management programme that helps companies make contact, build relationships and get results, which was to be used with the HID iCLASS R10 reader.

A multi-technology reader, the R10 reader and smart card combination is able to read both iCLASS card data and the Philips MIFARE card serial numbers.  The R10 also features advanced key management systems, reducing the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards.  The iCLASS smart card selected by ASDA for use with the R10 reader enables functionality and implementation of biometric authentication, cashless vending, and/or logical access security applications for scalable future growth.

ASDA has already seen the benefits of implementing the R10 within its stores.  "We're completely satisfied with the solution provided by Norbain," said Steve Storey, ASDA's Technical Security Manager.  "The system does exactly what we wanted it to do, and our staff haven't had any problems using it."  Given the success of the initial trial implementation of R10 readers within ASDA, the company has already fitted an additional 34 stores with the new access control system.

HID Global is proud of its relationship with Norbain and recognizes the value of synergies created by the partnership.  Melissa Jenkins, HID's Director of Sales for UK & Ireland, said, "HID feels privileged to be involved in such a high profile installation, and we have every confidence that the solution will not only meet the specified needs of ASDA stores, but will also go beyond anything they thought was possible.''

ASDA was reassured in its decision, recognizing HID Global's reputation as a trusted and reputable brand offering the highest level of customer service.  HID Global is proud to be able to push the boundaries of the ever-changing world of access control, enabling multiple applications like cashless vending, time and attendance and mobile verification.

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