1 Jun 2007

The Signature Park Condominium is a seven-year-old development in the West of Singapore.  The 928-units residential building boasts resort facilities and is located near a popular shopping and dining district as well as a nature reserve.

The challenge:

Being located in a high-traffic area, the property can be easily accessed by members of the public, compromising security for the residents.  Visitors and others could easily walk into Signature Park.  Concerned for the safety and security of the residents as well as the property, the Management Council of Signature Park decided to erect three gates and issue access cards to the residents.  This will allow nearly 3,000 residents to come and go freely, while visitors will be screened by the Security Officers at both guard posts before gaining access into the development.

The solution:

The Managing Agent of Signature Park contacted JOINTECH Enterprise Pte Ltd, a local HID Corporation partner with over 15 years experience in providing high-quality access control solutions.  JOINTECH was one of the three companies invited to present an access control solution to Signature Park.  After deliberation and evaluation, JOINTECH and Signature Park recognized that HID's iCLASS contactless smart cards with iCLASS R10 contactless smart card readers would meet the need of an access control system for the estate.  The Management Council and Managing Agent also felt comfortable with the product because of the strength of the HID brand, even though the HID solution was slightly more expensive than the other options presented by other competitors.

Customer benefits

• High convenience for residents without compromise.

• Easy-to-implement and manage system.

• Branded cards enhance acceptance and reflect the prestige of Signature Park.

• Future cost savings realised with smart card read/write capability.

Once the decision was made, the HID iCLASS contactless smart card readers were installed at the three access gates.  The iCLASS readers were ideal because of their long read range, adding convenience for residents.  The Managing Agent of Signature Park was pleased with the iCLASS contactless smart cards because of their read/write capability as well as the fact that the cards could be branded with the condominium logo complete with distinctive gold accents.  The most challenging part of the project was on the data entry and distribution of the 3,000 contactless smart cards to the residents; however it was successfully accomplished by the competency of the Managing Agent, CHAN KOK HONG Property Consultants Pte Ltd.

In conclusion, the residents of Signature Park are pleased with the HID access control system that has now been in place for several months, especially during this period where terrorism is rampant.  Security in the estate is tightened greatly with fewer trespassers.