12 Jul 2014

The Geberit Group is Europe’s market leader in sanitary technology and has a global approach with active representation in 41 countries. Its products are innovative, long lasting and eco-efficient. And these are exactly the properties Geberit expects from its security system.

Geberit uses SAP as its main system for handling business processes and customer relations. “It’s extremely important for us that other systems can be integrated into SAP, because we want our employees to always work with one central system,” Mr Reck, Geberit’s IT specialist, explains. “We also want to be able to install and configure updates and modifications to the system ourselves - something that wasn’t possible with our previous access control system, Kaba. That’s why we turned to ACEA and they recommended Nedap's AEOS access control system. They promised me that, with AEOS, they’d only need to send the hardware and we could do everything else ourselves. They weren’t exaggerating – we installed and service the entire system on our own.”