20 Aug 2013

Back in 2005, private investment company Reggeborgh and KPN, the Netherlands’ largest network provider, joined forces to start building a nationwide fibre-optic network. Reggefiber, as the joint venture was called, built new headquarters in Rijssen, which it chose to secure with Nedap AEOS. Since then, Reggefiber has built almost 1,000 Points of Presence (POPs) throughout the Netherlands, a number set to grow to 4,000 over the next decade. All these optical fibre hubs are equipped with AEOS controllers, readers and the latest AEOS functionalities.

Reggefiber had specific requirements for securing its POPs. Therefore, Nedap and Niscayah, a Nedap business partner, sat down with Reggefiber to work out a special “POP Controller”, using standard AEOS elements. The made-to-measure controller now provides all currently needed functionality as well as expansion options for functionalities possibly required in future.