2 Dec 2013

UEFA’s Executive Committee chose the joint Polish-Ukrainian bid to host the 2012 European football Championship finals. In anticipation of the event, two of the four Ukrainian stadiums to host the matches were equipped with AEOS security systems. The Olympic Stadium in Kiev was built in 1923 and needed remodelling to bring it up to UEFA’s ‘category four’ standards for stadiums hosting football finals. Such stadiums usually seat thousands of visitors and must meet strict criteria in terms of public access and egress.

The Arena in Lviv is brand new and built to meet all of UEFA’s latest technological and functional requirements. With a capacity of 33,400 spectators, it is relatively small. But its extensive grounds and state-of-the-art facilities ensure players and spectators maximum comfort. All seats are covered. Parking is located underneath the stadium. The stadium’s facilities include VIP lounges (seating 450), restaurants, a media centre, various training centres and office space. Construction at the 9-hectare site started in November 2008 and was completed by October 2011.