21 Oct 2013

“Before students start studying at Vestfold University College, they import their personal details via our website, which is then transported to the student database and imported into AEOS. On their very first day of college, students can step into our new photobox to log on to their personal account and take a picture. This picture will be saved with their personal details into the student database linked to AEOS. Printing the card for the new student is all there’s left to do for the student administration desk. Only when special authorization is necessary, students visit me.” Jarle Steen-Hansen security officer Vestfold University College

The search for a new security solution

It’s full-blown January with heavy snowfall and chilly weather. Christmas holidays are over and the second part of the school year has just begun. Whilst the students attend these first school days of the New Year somewhat reluctantly, Security Officer Jarle Steen-Hansen explains why he welcomes the students and the start of a new day at work with such joy.