4 Jun 2007

Tyco Fire & Security today announced that its advanced CEM AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) access control system has been installed at the new Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).  

One of the largest purpose-built exhibition and convention facilities in the Middle East and located in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) capital Abu Dhabi, the new exhibition centre has opened following the installation of the CEM AC2000 SE system by Tyco Fire & Security, U.A.E.  Once fully complete, the state-of-the-art complex will offer 55,000 square meters of interconnecting hall space, including a 3,168 square meter atrium and 18,000 square meters of U-shaped concourse.  With the venue set to host some of the world's largest exhibitions, officials at ADNEC required a sophisticated and highly reliable system to secure areas such as the main exhibition hall, foyer, registration area, VIP lounges and executive offices. 

"The CEM AC2000 SE system was the ideal solution for ADNEC as it provided the exhibition centre with advanced levels of access control and integrated ID badging," commented Terry Walker, Business Development Engineer, Tyco Fire & Security, U.A.E.

"The system design incorporated a highly resilient server running under a Linux operating system with Windows XP operator PCs, integration with third party biometrics and CEM InfoProx™ card readers that provide a third level of system resilience with unique intelligence at the door."

The InfoProx card reader proved ideal for the exhibition environment as it has an LCD message display that provides users with an immediate explanation as to why access has been denied i.e. "Wrong Zone".  Thought to be one of the industry's most advanced card readers, the CEM InfoProx reader also has an internal database offering unique intelligence at the door, ensuring that, even if offline, the reader continues to provide card validation. 

"As a highly prestigious facility in the Middle East, ADNEC required the very best in access control.  AC2000 SE offers the client a highly reliable and advanced solution with the flexibility to expand as the ADNEC development project continues to evolve," commented Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director for CEM products.

"The sophisticated and standard software features on AC2000 SE also proved fundamental for the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre as they opted for optional software modules including CEM AC2000 Time and Attendance and CEM AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging & Pass Production System) to design and print ID passes for staff."

With additional construction phases of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre yet to be completed, the AC2000 SE system offers expansion flexibility to meet the client's needs in their endeavour to be one of the most modern exhibition facilities in the world.