16 Aug 2007

Juvenile Justice Centre uses CEM solution for state-of-the-art security

CEM Systems, a leading access control brand of Tyco International, announced recently that it has partnered with systems integrator ADT to supply a highly secure, fully integrated solution for the new £16.8m Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre in Bangor, Northern Ireland. 

To create a secure environment, ADT installed a CEM AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) security management system with CCTV, digital video recorders, intercoms, intruder panels, remote radio pagers and perimeter detection.  The new state-of-the-art centre is now fully operational with almost 500 doors secured using proximity technology throughout activity rooms, custodial units and six high-security accommodation wings.

"The CEM AC2000 SE system was the ideal choice for the new prestigious Juvenile Justice Centre," commented Mark McAteer, ADT's National Account Manager, Northern Ireland.  "With its high level of system resilience and integration capabilities, AC2000 SE communicates seamlessly to the facility's building management system using OPC protocol, providing the client with a highly secure, single solution for advanced monitoring and control."

CEM and ADT designed a highly resilient security system featuring a Linux based central server and distributed layers of intelligence using the CEM S90x0 range of IP controllers.  With AC2000 SE installed, the client can now monitor alarms and issue ID badges to protect the young people during their stay, as well as protect the centre's 500 care staff.

Hand recognition biometric readers were also integrated with the AC2000 SE system to provide a further layer of security at critical area points.  Care staff can now only pass through these secure area points upon a valid hand geometry biometric reading. 

"The challenges presented by such a security-conscious client were a key driver in CEM successfully winning the Juvenile Justice Centre contract," commented Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director of Tyco's CEM products.  "Since CEM develops both the AC2000 SE system hardware and software we were able to successfully meet the requirements of the client by customising the system design to feature complex door interlocking, as well as a client-specific door configuration parameter," added Fulton.

The customised door configuration was developed so that secured doors remain shut until the authorized cardholder requesting access is verified via CCTV by the guards at the central security control room.  Once verified, guards then issue a CEM "One-Shot" command via the AC2000 SE software, which grants access by releasing the door remotely.  These measures add a double layer of security needed at such a high-security facility. 

To further fulfill client requests, CEM designed a complex interlocking solution for high security areas to ensure that only one door within an interlock group be opened at any one time.  This means that when a valid card is presented and the requested door is unlocked, other doors within that zone group remain locked.  Once the initial door has been closed, the cardholder can then present a valid ID card at an intercom reader and verbally request which exit door they would like the security control-room staff to open.         

Working in collaboration, ADT and CEM have successfully supplied the new centre with a state-of-the-art security solution that provides the highest possible standard of security to meet the challenges of the youth justice environment.