16 Jul 2012

Hallbergmoos High School is an educational site, a meeting place and a workplace for 15 teachers, more than 120 students and many participants of evening classes. The Hallbergmoos community in Upper Bavaria set a great example with their investment. The trend-setting Bosch security technology installed at the site soon proved its worth when young intruders were identified from recorded video images, allowing them to be apprehended just a few days later. Faced with such strong evidence, the culprits did not take long to confess.

Business objective:

The security system installed at Hallbergmoos high school should provide optimum security against intrusion, fire hazards and unauthorised access. The future-oriented and investment proof solution should also include a video surveillance system, an intrusion and a modular fire detection system, an access management system, a voice evacuation system and a clock system.


The video surveillance system that provided the evidence for the recent intrusion operates with 13 vandal-resistant FlexiDome cameras and a Dibos-8 recorder. The NZ 300 Intrusion Alarm System from Bosch uses magnetic and bolt contacts to monitor the perimeters of the school building.

The community benefits from the access management system, featuring an access control panel, with mechatronic offline brackets, proximity tokens and eight vandal-resistant readers outside the building.

A Modular Fire Panel 5000 series from Bosch with 110 automatic fire detectors and 15 fire detection controls ensure comprehensive fire protection throughout the school.

The system also controls the voice evacuation equipment in the event of an alarm. Under normal operating circumstances, the Plena Voice Alarm electroacoustics is used to ring the bell for recess and for transmitting announcements. There are 120 loudspeakers in total, spread over 14 public address zones; this allows announcements to be restricted to individual areas if necessary.