5 May 2012

The access control system at Campus Malle started life in 2000 as a relatively modest installation, covering 24 doors in a single building. Today, it has grown into a system that covers over 400 doors in nine buildings on the multi-hectare Zoersel site, and 54 doors in a building on a separate site 15 km away. After further extensions planned for 2012 have been completed, the installation will expand even further, to 700 doors. The current system is also directly linked to the Emmaus human resources IT system, and to the payment system for on-site catering.

The Emmaus facility at Zoersel was originally opened in 1949 to provide psychiatric services and much of the facility is still dedicated to this function, although a large general hospital, also operated by Emmaus, was moved on the same site in 1986.