30 Aug 2010
Customer background

When it comes to citizen security, Bogota, the Colombian capital city, is the fastest developing city in Latin America. This 7-million metropolis used to be known as high-crime city.

Today, due to continuous government-level campaigns and law enforcement activities, the level of citizen security has improved drastically during last couple of decades.

While homicide and traffic accidents has been declined in civil security, there are arising issues in public and government security.

Colombia National Police (Policia Nacional de Colombianos) faced challenges to protect police properties from paramilitary groups and highly intelligent criminal activities. To proactively prevent such kinds of potential crimes, the police officials have been tasked with implementing new initiatives.

In order to develop robust security system throughout its nationwide police force, the Colombian Police has therefore implement integrated security solution from IP access control, CCTV, X-ray inspection units to metal detectors.