5 Jun 2014

Of all the modern forms of transport, air travel is arguably one of the most security-conscious. With high profile attacks and hijacking being an ever-present threat, airport security is vital. However, as well as being highly vigilant, airport security also needs to be flexible for passengers and staff, ensuring that the flow of travellers and workers are not impeded by the security measures designed to safeguard them. Whilst security concerns are as prevalent as ever, modern integrated security systems are making it easier for security operators to effectively police airports, using an array of modern technology to counter crime and potential terrorist acts before they are able to materialise.

Baggage is a key consideration at airports. Integrated security systems can monitor checked baggage, from registering the movement of items to intelligent CCTV monitoring, this detects anonymities of items or individuals in unauthorised locations. Equally, security systems can help monitor hand luggage security checks, ensuring passengers do not stray from official channels or automatically close barriers if a threat is detected. In the event of a fire or similar emergency, busy passenger areas can be automatically configured to allow people to depart safely and orderly. Dangerous areas can be sealed off and rescue teams alerted if stray individuals remain within the danger area.