2 Jun 2012

The last few years have seen the risk (and also the perceived risk) to mass transportation passengers increase significantly, so there has also been a firm desire to make sure that individuals who enter secure areas do so with full clearance and authentication. This has become a prominent preoccupation for the travel industry, but thankfully the access control sector recognises and embraces these concerns and specialist manufacturer and supplier TDSi is leading the vanguard with regards to making travel facilities safer.

Security at airports has long been a concern, with hijacking and terrorist attacks being headline-grabbing examples of inadequate security. The airline industry and airport authorities have reacted positively to concerns, implementing ever-tighter security measures such as those at Bristol International Airport in the UK. Bristol International is the South West’s largest airport with 5.8 million passengers passing through the airport’s doors last year. Whilst rigorous security measures have always been in place, the increasing incidence of terrorist activities raised the need for an even more stringent approach.