25 Feb 2012

In tough economic times the banking and finance sector is under even greater scrutiny than ever. Whilst online banking gets a great deal of attention, one of the key considerations for the sector continues to be physical security and access control – something which can be a challenge when the organisation has numerous branches and facilities spread across a large geographical area. TDSi, a global leader in access control systems, offers a range of solutions that cater for the numerous and demanding access control needs of the banking and finance industry, whilst respecting the need to provide full value for money and return on investment.

Being able to control security and access control from a central location is highly beneficial for any banking organisation. TDSi’s EXgarde Pro software is a powerful access management and integrated security systems tool which gives a centralised control of location security using an IP connection to each branch. EXgarde Pro also brings together intruder alarms, fire systems and CCTV for suitable locations, meaning the entire building’s services can be monitored and controlled from a central location, cutting the risk of untoward actions being covertly carried out at remote locations without the security team being aware.