4 Nov 2011
The Healthcare sector is a vital one which affects everyone at some point during their lives. Equally, by its very nature the healthcare sector is highly susceptible to security threats, so ensuring secure access control is an essential element of most medical facilities. TDSi, a global leader in access control systems, offers a range of solutions that cater for the numerous and often demanding access control needs of the healthcare industry, whilst respecting the need to provide for greater value for money and return on investment.

TDSi's Facial Recognition Reader is a highly secure, rapid and reliable non-contact method of controlling access to sensitive or restricted areas, without the need for traditional security cards or tokens. The product is ideal in areas such as laboratories, operating theatres or clean rooms, where carrying identification tokens could present an infection risk. As well as the obvious cleanliness benefits, there are also definite convenience advantages. Along with making access for authorised people easier, user profiles can also be added (or removed) quickly and efficiently with no additional costs once the system is installed. The system can easily be installed and networked to existing or planned security and surveillance systems, ensuring full compatibility and use of legacy equipment.

The Facial Recognition Reader can store up to 500 users and can verify a user in less than one second. It is also highly reliable, operating in virtually all light conditions and has a False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of less than 0.0001%, whilst maintaining stringent access control. TDSi Managing Director, John Davies comments: "Facial Recognition really raises the bar with regards to access control as it provides high levels of security whilst making the process simpler, faster and more convenient for the user. It is especially well suited to healthcare facilities such as Pharmacology departments or Intensive Care Units, which need the strictest access control whilst aiding authorised people to move quickly around the building - especially in an emergency."

For wider applications, TDSi offers access control network control systems such as EXgarde Pro - a fully featured access management PC software solution that is flexible and scalable. The system is capable of controlling a single door at one site with a small number of users, right up to thousands of doors at multiple sites with thousands of users. It can also be integrated with a range of building management and control systems and third part equipment can be controlled without the need to purchase additional applications.

To offer a truly joined-up security solution for the healthcare industry, TDSi also offers solutions that integrate access control with other security systems such as CCTV and intruder alarms. TDSi's VUgarde IP video surveillance range offers complete control over a single building or multiple sites' surveillance systems, whilst integrating with existing systems and making the whole process straightforward and intuitive. This is particularly useful in protecting vulnerable patients (such as maternity wards for example) or medical and admin staff, who may be targeted by unauthorised intruders. It is also ideal for monitoring unguarded areas or pharmacy and equipment stores which may be targeted for their lucrative contents.