4 Jan 2012

Zucchetti Axess recently implemented an employee time & attendance system for Airbus Spain using multifunctional LEGIC read & write terminals.

Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer with operations in 80 countries, recently upgraded the employee time & attendance system at its Spanish factories in Madrid and Seville. Italy-based Zucchetti Axess linked up with its Spanish partner, SoftMachine, to implement a comprehensive and multifunctional LEGIC advant based system.
Airbus and Zucchetti Axess established their initial contacts at a LEGIC meeting. That encounter developed into a challenging partnership, as the global aircraft company began to purchase LEGIC badge readers from Zucchetti Axess.

In 2010 Airbus drew up a shortlist of qualified suppliers for an upgrade project at four military aircraft factory buildings in Madrid and Seville. The project's objective was to harmonise these facilities with Airbus Group security standards by replacing existing hardware devices with new LEGIC equipment. The system requirements were quite ambitious: multi-application capability, integration with the existing system, flexibility and functional modularity. 
Zucchetti Axess enlisted a local partner, SoftMachine, to deliver 120 EtherTRAX+G terminals with LEGIC readers. They were specially configured to read the proprietary Airbus segment from advanced security LEGIC badges. The Zucchetti Axess-certified [email protected] SAP connector module was used to interface the terminals with the SAP HR module. In addition, Zucchetti Axess [email protected] software was deployed for comprehensive online monitoring of terminal status and for real-time data transfer to the main server.

Although the customer requirements were highly complex and demanding, it was possible to complete the project within a short time frame. Thanks to excellent customisation by the supplier and the professional service delivered by the local Partner, more than 10,000 Airbus employees can now benefit from a cutting-edge time & attendance system. Encouraged by this first important LEGIC reference in Spain, SoftMachine elected to join the LEGIC Partner Network as a means of winning further business opportunities.