The Thiepval Museums, in northern France, needed trusted, secure entry and exit control to reduce theft from their premises. User-friendly management of access rights was essential, for both internal and external users.

The museums needed a system that will be able to cope easily with changes, site extensions, and two-site operation, and a solution that would remove the need to change all cylinders when an employee loses a key.

eCLIQ locking cylinders installed

Now, the Historial and Thiepval Museums are equipped with 52 eCLIQ locking cylinders, across the two sites. ASSA ABLOY’s eCLIQ key-operated solution offers them simplified access management, incorporating easy activation and deactivation of keys and simpler administration of access rights, and schedules for external providers and contractors. A unified system manages access to both locations.

Every authorised key holder carries one battery-powered key programmed with only their tailored access permissions. With eCLIQ, missing keys are quickly de-authorised, cutting risks associated with key loss or theft. At any time, facility managers can generate an audit trail to verify who has accessed which locks.

Designed for museum security

Installing an eCLIQ system has allowed security teams to better monitor service providers

Across the two sites, the museums have 40 durable, compact and waterproof eCLIQ keys, of which 19 are already allocated to regular users. These Bluetooth-enabled keys are available to employees and contractors, helping the latter to improve their responsiveness when they are needed on-site.

Installing an eCLIQ system has allowed security teams to better monitor service providers, along with their movements around and between the two sites. It is straightforward for museum managers to limit contractors’ access rights to the duration of a task, whether recurring or one-off.

eCLIQ locking system

Fitting eCLIQ locking system was a simple and wire-free task, and the museum staff, performed the installation themselves. One training session, with the admin software, was sufficient, to put them at ease with their new system.

Looking after eCLIQ components is also easy, an integrated lubricant reservoir ensures cylinders, don’t require maintenance for up to 200,000 cycles. AES encryption, rapid processing and efficient energy management is built into the eCLIQ chip. When a key’s battery runs out, it is easily replaced without tools.

Easy and effective access control

I am very happy with the eCLIQ solution,” said M. Guyot, Technical and Security Manager at the Historial and Thiepval Museums, adding “Today, I promote the solution to those around me. I have also given a demonstration to the Somme General Council, to show the effectiveness and simplicity of the eCLIQ solution.

Guyot adds, “Normally, as a user client, we try to help you improve your products, but there was nothing to say in this case!