ISONAS' new software development kit offers customers the power of choice in access control hardware

ISONAS Pure Mobile Access control software

ISONAS has taken its Software Development Kit to the next level and now offers a simple integration with the ISONAS Pure IP™ hardware solutions, giving customers real choice in their access control hardware.

Access control evolution

Partners can now create a powerful solution and add the next evolution in access control hardware to their product selection; while benefiting from future proofing their selections, reducing costs and giving them choice in their access control hardware.

This comprehensive software development kit from ISONAS, makes it easy to integrate 3rd party access control software with the ISONAS Pure IP hardware families.

ISONAS SDK platform

While other SDK’s use low-level, error-prone TCP/IP communication to integrate, the ISONAS SDK platform supports high-level management mechanisms for event management, local discovery, communication and configuration.

Using the .NET framework, the ISONAS SDK allows users to customise which features and functions of the ISONAS hardware to implement. With the ISONAS SDK, partners can add choice to their access control hardware solutions and go to market in no time.

An open platform philosophy is nothing new to ISONAS. The company has a long history of integrations and with this significant investment into a modern SDK, ISONAS is furthering its mission to become a global player in open architecture hardware and software.