Simply smart: new EVVA AirKey features available now

EVVA AirKey Electronic locking device

Imagine that you can send registrations online to any smartphone. Authorised people receive a text message (SMS) and then a digital key. This functionality is enabled by the new AirKey ‘Send a key’ function, available as part of the new update. EVVA has also added ‘Geotagging’ functionality. In this process, smartphones know where master key system components are located and guide the way using the navigation app. This is particularly handy if people are granted temporary access and need to become familiar with the environment.

Now also for iPhones

Thanks to the extension to available NFC components (near field communication) featuring Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), EVVA has significantly multiplied the number of users. Now users have the choice. They can now choose which technology matches their usage characteristics most and which software they would like to apply to gain access. Both systems meet today's maximum security standards.