DSX-Soft I/O Integration Software

DSX DSX-Soft I/O Access control software

DSX now has the ability to integrate with various different external devices through serial data streams. This integration allows other systems such as elevators, wireless locksets, intercom,HVAC, fire alarm, etc., to interact with the DSX network of controllers through a serial data or TCP/IP link between the systems.

  • High Level Elevator Control - (OTIS®, KONE®)
  • Wireless Locksets - (Schlage®)
  • Supports Virtual Inputs and Outputs
  • User Defined Command Strings - In and Out
  • Supports open and proprietary protocols
  • RS-232/485 / TCP/IP Communications

What Can It Do?

The DSX Soft I/O product will allow you to integrate WinDSX with different systems. Now you can use one software package to monitor and control multiple building systems. You can even program action/reaction linking events between diverse systems.

The DSX Soft I/O can be thought of as a universal translator. It can speak to multiple systems simultaneously and control interaction between those systems based on logic that you define.

The applications are only limited to your imagination. You could integrate an intercom system with the security and CCTV so that when an intercom station is pressed the WinDSX system annunciates it, and instructs the CCTV system to pan the camera to the proper position and display it on screen.

You could also program a high temperature alarm from the HVAC system to automatically display the appropriate camera at the security desk. The applications are limitless. Soft I/O can be the communications translator between systems that could not otherwise communicate with each other.