DSX-1048 Intelligent Controller

DSX DSX-1048 Access control controller

The DSX-1048 Intelligent Controller is an independent processing 8 door package designed to be a cost effective building block platform that allows expansion in a scalable manner. Up to 8 doors can be controlled from 1 enclosure for an efficient space saving package.

The controllers are strategically placed throughout the customer location connected together with a two twisted pair cable. Each DSX-1048 operates as a fully intelligent and independent controller that retains all data necessary for system operation in its own RAM. With its integral real-time Clock and Calendar it performs Time Zone control with Holiday overrides for inputs, outputs, and cards even when communication to the PC or other controllers is not available. The DSX-1048 carries a Limited 2 Year Warranty.

Key features

  • Scalable architecture 2-8 doors
  • TCP/IP communications
  • Individual intelligence
  • 512K RAM / 512K Flash ROM
  • UL 294 / UL 1076
  • 240+ card and keypad formats
  • FIPS/TWIC card compatibility
  • Real Time processing and communications
  • Integrated power supply and distribution