Akuvox indoor monitor: Setting the trend of intercom technology

Akuvox IT82 Audio, video or keypad entry

Akuvox’s avant-garde indoor monitor is leading the evolution of intercom technology via SIP&Android. Its simplicity brings intuitive operation, convenience and comfort to home owners, whilst adding taste to home interiors. 

Universal SIP standard

A SIP end point, IT82 conducts exceptionally intelligible audio communication with other devices in a security system, such as door phones and IP phones. When it is built with an optional camera, HD video is also at users’ fingertips. Its audio and video interoperability with other devices enables residents to call from one single platform to obtain various services, for example sending a home repair request to the property manager. 

Seamless systems integration

Akuvox has been digging into Android technology for years, and offers top-of-the-line Android-based security products. As such, with IT82, stellar user experience is one thing; its compelling integratability into most security systems is another. 

To begin with, it allows for easy installation of 3rd-party applications. It also serves as a control panel that combines all home automation gadgets. All aspects the home are right under users’ noses in one screen. In case of hazards, such as a fire or gas leak, it is capable of issuing immediate alerts so that proactive actions are taken. 

Easy Management

In terms of routine management, its auto-provisioning feature makes maintenance of all indoor monitors within a residential community as easy as pie and highly efficiently for the estate manager. This covers device configuration, firmware upgrades, message posting, advertisement pushing, and more.