The Department of Defense (DoD) recently invited Point3 Security to join the Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) after learning of Point3’s success in the private sector in cultivating, assessing, and identifying cybersecurity talent.

For the United States military, it is imperative to have a strategic and comprehensive cybersecurity talent cultivation plan. Producing qualified personnel to meet the workforce needs of mission commanders is a top priority for the DoD. To meet the demand for technical cybersecurity operators, the DoD created the PCTE, which supports cloud-based training, team certification, and individual skills development for all military branches.

Development of gamified learning solutions

Point3 designs new challenges to strengthen information security’s most motivated professionalsPoint3’s success in the private sector will now be carried over into serving the mission of the PCTE through the development of gamified learning solutions. Point3 has helped organisations of all shapes and sizes with talent recruitment, retention, and upskilling through its gamified ecosystem, ESCALATE. Point3 continuously designs new challenges to strengthen information security’s most motivated professionals, and currently provides over 100 immersive, self-paced challenges for both individuals and teams.

To heighten motivation and performance, members earn points, receive achievement badges, and are ranked on a community leader-board by completing offensive and defensive challenges. Members have access to a global pool of mentors and managers who have a wealth of analytical tools to measure team and individual progress.

It was most humbling to be approached by the Cyber Mission Forces, which sees our success in helping the private industry tackle the ‘cybersecurity skills gap’ and recognises ESCALATE as a best-in-class offering. Because their mission is so critical to the country, it will be a tremendous honour to share our expertise and be a part of the military’s workforce development solution,” says Evan Dornbush, CEO of Point3 Security, Inc.