In a global market, at a time of exponential technological growth, Camlock Systems weren’t satisfied with maintaining the status quo. As their customers accelerate the development of intelligent applications and technologies, Camlock has matched its appetite for progression with a renewed strategy and the development of smarter locking solutions.

Built on three generations of locking innovation, Camlock Systems has forged a reputation for precision and quality through the design and engineering of mechanical locking systems and patented technology that meets its customers’ unique needs.

Innovative electronic locking solutions

Camlock has listened carefully to its customers and closely monitored market trends

Moving from locksmith, to distributor, to manufacturer and now nascent access control developer, adaptation has always been a continuous theme in Camlock’s history. With their target markets adapting to technological advances at a rapid pace, Camlock has listened carefully to its customers and closely monitored market trends, ready to adapt their business strategy and take Camlock Systems into a new phase of its development.

The global shift towards intelligent applications has been a catalyst for change at Camlock Systems, driving them towards continuous improvement and greater innovation of smarter locking solutions:

  • While still supplying high-quality mechanical products, Camlock has shifted its focus from applications with a basic locking requirement, to those with a great need for security and access management.
  • As businesses develop more and more intelligent applications, their development of innovative electronic locking solutions enables them to offer a new level of value to their customers that sets the industry standard for security.
  • Camlock is moving into new markets, with greater opportunities to support its partners in the utilities and infrastructure sectors as they look for smarter solutions that enable increased automation, visibility and connectivity.
  • With the ability to design bespoke, innovative products their reach is greater than ever before. As they expand their offering across the globe to enter new markets in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific they are helping more companies than ever before to achieve the right levels of security for their individual application.

Extensive mechanical range

Over the past year, Camlock has been working to enhance the visual identity of their business and showcase their vision for the future. As a result of the rebranding process, they have got a sharp new logo and a stylish and more accessible website that represents their values and articulates their strategic shifts.

Camlock is proud of its ability to see security as a whole, thanks to more than 100 years of experience

More than ever, Camlock is proud of its ability to see security as a whole, thanks to more than 100 years of experience in locking innovation. In addition to highlighting Camlock’s heritage and experience, their new website showcases their extensive mechanical range and new electronic developments, as well as their ability to work collaboratively with its customers to develop products that meet customer’s needs.

Developing smarter solutions

So, with eyes firmly fixed on the future of both the industry and its customers, Camlock is more committed than ever to developing smarter solutions that offer more.

We’re excited for the future of our business, our markets and the potential to support all of our customers, old and new, in facing the challenges and benefits technological advances bring.” Whatever the locking needs, one can trust that Camlock Systems will work with them to find the smartest solution in locking security and access management.