Adept Audio® announces that it is launching its innovative new line of architectural and surface-mount speakers for security dealers who install residential and commercial sound systems.

Adept will be conducting loudspeaker demonstrations using choice high resolution music videos at ISC West, March 18-20 at booth number 32069 in the Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas. ISC West is the largest security industry trade show in the United States, attracting more than 30,000 security professionals. “We’re excited to launch our new brand at ISC West,” said Keith Marshall, President of Adept Audio.

Business offering for security dealers

Security installing dealers who stop by to see us will immediately understand that our focus is on sonic performance, industrial design and ease of installation. Given this, we believe Adept is a smart business offering for security dealers, putting great sounding, well designed and easily installed speakers at their fingertips from their local security distributor. Adept’s aim is to provide multiple product lines that will resonate with what our dealers hear and see.”

Adept delivers wider dynamic range and can hit much higher sound pressure levels

Adept begins shipping its comprehensive line of home theater, whole-house and indoor/outdoor speakers starting in March 2020, to include: nine in-ceiling speakers, two dual-woofer in-wall speakers and eight indoor/outdoor models. Whether playing high resolution music from premium streaming audio services or hi-res movies and programming from Cable or Satellite TV broadcasts, Adept delivers wider dynamic range and can hit much higher sound pressure levels than possible with wireless speakers.

Better listening experience

The result is a far better listening experience by comparison. All Adept speakers are painstakingly voiced by some of the most experienced architectural loudspeaker engineers in the industry, experts who have been designing speakers for many of the top brands. In addition, Adept utilises the latest 3D software to develop its design language of highly differentiated visual cues found throughout the brand’s speaker line.

Adept speakers are feature packed to make installations happen faster, easier and more secure. For example, Adept’s mount-in-minutesTM in-ceiling speakers are designed to save time and avoid headaches. The brand’s Trim-RingTM is a tool-free mounting system which allows its in-ceiling speakers to be quickly and securely installed with a simple push-up-twist-click-lock action.