Acronis, a global provider of cyber protection, announced it was partnering with the World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity to join the efforts of this private-public network to respond to the world’s growing cyber security threats. As the digital economy becomes an ever-increasing driver around the globe, cyber security becomes a primary concern.

Engaging leaders from business, government, civil society, academia, and a multitude of sectors, the World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity champions cyber security as a competitive advantage that creates value and opportunities for public and private organisations.

Security and cyber resiliency

Through this partnership, Acronis will contribute its unique approach to cyber protection, which provides a comprehensive approach to cyber security, to develop innovations that will solve the security and protection challenges of the future. Specifically, Acronis will engage in the Cyber Risk and Corporate Governance project to help establish a baseline understanding of key cyber security issues, while providing guidance on strategies for security and cyber resiliency. 

“The Forum’s most recent global risk report noted that the top five global threats were cyber security-related, with cyber attacks and data theft among the most immediate dangers,” according to Acronis Founder and CEO Serguei “SB” Beloussov.

Cyber security obligations

Acronis brings a unique perspective to the protection challenges facing today’s institutions"

“Having been at the forefront of the new IT discipline of cyber protection, Acronis brings a unique, comprehensive perspective to the protection challenges facing today’s institutions. By collaborating with our peers, we can ensure business and government leaders have the tools and frameworks needed to meet their cyber security obligations of the modern world.”

As part of the company’s new involvement in the platform, Acronis Founder and CEO Serguei “SB” Beloussov brought his expertise to the Centre for Cybersecurity’s annual meeting, which occurred 16-17 November 2020.

Cyber protection platform

“Cyber security is critically important in the digital world, yet every day we witness successful breaches. Acronis uniquely offers a cyber protection platform that natively integrates the five layers of protection into a single offering: prevention, detection, response, recovery, and forensics,” said René Bonvanie, Chairman of the Board of Acronis. "In doing so, Acronis is offering a highly effective and efficient approach to modern cyber security challenges.”

The partnership also means institutional leaders from both the private and public sectors will benefit from strategy and governance standards that have been developed, in part, using the holistic approach of cyber protection.