Established in 1976, Meghna Group of Industries (MGI) is a conglomerate in Bangladesh. MGI operates out of a large campus in Dhaka that houses its head office, 45 different manufacturing plants, and maintenance workshops, all under one roof. MGI has a turnover of over USD 3 billion, and an employee strength of over 30,000.

Being an established and trusted group, it required operations to be suitably monitored, in order to ensure uninterrupted production, adherence to quality standards, and timely delivery of supplies to customers. So far, it had been monitored by manned security, with accompanying risks ranging from damage to assets, misuse of equipment, thefts, leakage of confidential information, employees’ safety, poor record keeping for vehicles entering or exiting the premises, and more.

Providing investigation-friendly monitoring software

Enabling IVA at various locations has helped in the monitoring of infrastructure

Designing of the solution started with a joint site survey by Videonetics, MGI IT heads, and the system integrator. After extensive research, Videonetics developed a unified solution encompassing Intelligent Video Management Software (IVMS), Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), and a customised ANPR system to read and capture licence plates in Bengali language.

Key aspects of the solution included the following: Videonetics’s IVMS has been deployed to help in viewing and recording feeds from over 500 cameras installed in multiple factory locations. This is enabled over IP network in an efficient and elegant way. In addition, the solution provides investigation-friendly monitoring software at the front-end, while relegating all the complexity of the server software to the back-end. Enabling IVA at various locations has helped in the monitoring of infrastructure, vehicles, people, crowds and objects, for automatic detection and analysis of events of interest.

Manned security to address safety

The operators get a bird’s eye view of various sites from their centralised location, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively when an incident occurs. The solution has been installed on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® which makes the overall system more secure and maintainable. Videonetics’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system has been customised to read license plates in Bengali. Regardless of the lighting conditions, the Bengali ANPR accurately captures with timestamp the licence plate of any vehicle as it appears in the camera’s field of view (FoV).

The new implementation enables security operators to be deployed at the unified interface

In addition, the system is integrated with the IVMS at the command and control centre, for viewing and analysing vehicular movements, and taking action, if required. THE IMPACT Prior to the installation of Videonetics’s solution, MGI used to rely on manned security to address safety, security and operational risks. However, the new implementation enables security operators to be deployed at the unified interface, for monitoring multiple sites such as assembly plant, warehouse, process, dispatch area, vehicle movement, and so on.

Personal protection equipment detection

So now, MGI operators can handle incidents of thefts, potential break-ins, unauthorised intrusions, and conduct investigations, without having to leave their desks. This has helped MGI in maximising resources and significantly reducing costs. But the biggest benefit has been to be able to provide a safer environment to its employees, and to secure its workplaces with optimisation in day-to-day operations.

The open architecture of the solution allows MGI to continue adding, in a single interface, more AI & DL powered applications such as personal protection equipment detection, facial recognition, fire & smoke detection, workers slip/ fall detection, workers head count, vehicle movement management, to name a few. This makes it possible for the company to address all its security concerns with a holistic approach.