Trackforce has entered the retail market with a leading security workforce and activities management platform that empowers retailers to effectively manage their physical security and loss prevention environment. The platform delivers actionable data analytics to anticipate, assess, and mitigate risk; it enhances compliancy management, and helps supervisors manage more resources at multiple sites from one centralised location.

Retail security and loss prevention teams operate in a challenging and complex environment"

Retail Security

According to Guirchaume Abitbol, CEO and Founder of Trackforce, “Retail security and loss prevention teams operate in a challenging and complex environment. To be successful they must access the best type of technology to support their security and loss prevention teams and streamline management of the entire security and risk environment. Our platform is seamless. Simpler to operate and more cost effective, it helps retailers deliver enhanced shopper safety while optimising security and loss prevention management.

Trackforce supports security and loss prevention teams by giving them predictive and historical data analytics to boost their strategic decision-making capabilities. The SaaS platform’s predictive analytics capabilities facilitate easy identification and analysis of theft patterns so that weak areas within the store can be improved to reduce risk and loss.

Historic data are analysed, cross-referenced with trends and industry best practices, and then broken down. The resulting intelligence can then be used to fine tune security both within the store and externally.

Trackforce SaaS platform

The platform also consolidates and centralises the security command and control function, eliminating the expense of posting multiple supervisors at various sites. “Now one supervisor using the Trackforce command center is empowered with communication and management capabilities to effectively oversee security at numerous retail sites. The supervisor can communicate over multiple communication channels to security officers at all locations they are responsible for,” adds Abitbol. “This delivers major budgetary savings for the retail enterprise without compromising quality in any aspect of its security environment.

The Trackforce platform prevents loss and mitigates risks by securely maintaining digital records

Security and risk management within the retail environment is complex, with numerous code and compliancy requirements. Missing a deadline can result in severe fines, increased insurance premiums, or even prosecution. The Trackforce platform prevents loss and mitigates risks by securely maintaining digital records and proactively alerting stakeholders when licenses need renewing and audits and inspections are due. The security manager commands a dashboard view of the entire regulatory and compliancy landscape across all store locations.

Security and risk management

No two retail security departments are the same,” concludes Abitbol. “So we help retail clients customise their Trackforce workforce management platform based on their unique security, loss prevention, and risk environment. Trackforce eliminates the need for time-consuming paper reports and antiquated guard tour devices. It assists security officers and loss prevention officers in fulfilling their duties effectively, giving them improved capabilities to help them face their security challenges with greater efficiency and economy.