Zayed University is the newest of three government sponsored higher education institutes in the United Arab Emirates. The campus is located on the mainland of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, near the Abu Dhabi International Airport and Masdar.

The 229,000m campus houses six colleges across 28 separate buildings, including faculty and administration buildings, a childcare facility, residence halls, classrooms, science and computer labs, cafeterias and a sports complex, all equipped with the latest technology. Future development plans will see the student population increase to 7,500 and the campus grow to cover a net area of 269,000m.

Access to and from the campus is an important concern for Zayed University and is carefully managed around the clock to keep the 6,000 strong student body safe.

Managing gate barriers and doors

Banner sends a command directly to the Gallagher Door Controller to open that specific gate if entry or exit is allowedThe university employs Serco to implement and manage their security requirements. Serco partnered with Gallagher, selecting the Command Centre security platform to manage gate barriers and access controlled doors with just under 650 MIFARE readers and 130 controllers across the site.

Zayed University implements a policy to provide students with a secure campus environment. This includes managing the entry and exit of the students based on their scheduled classes. To achieve this, Zayed University runs an interface between Command Centre and its Banner system. Banner is a comprehensive computer information system that contains information on courses, students, faculty, staff and alumni, including financial aid, finance and human resource components.

Entry and exit requests for students to pass through the campus gates are sent from Command Centre to the Banner system for approval, using the Command Centre OPC Alarms and Events interface. Based on the time of the entry or exit and the student’s schedule, the Banner system decides whether the request is accepted or denied. Banner then sends a command directly to the Gallagher Door Controller to open that specific gate if entry or exit is allowed.

Safe and secure environment for students

Its intuitive user interface provides flexibility and easy management of operations"Gallagher security solutions provide the assurance and the knowledge that movement throughout campus is managed simply and efficiently to ensure a safe, secure environment.

Keeping students safe is of utmost importance to us,” says Mukesh Karsan, Serco IT Manager at Zayed University. “The Gallagher system helps us honour this commitment. Its intuitive user interface provides flexibility and easy management of operations.

He adds that he’s been “impressed with the reliability and robustness the system offers; it’s powerful, versatile and allows security personnel to carry out their day-to-day responsibilities with efficiency.

Gallagher solutions are trusted by education providers worldwide to:

  • issue student and faculty access cards
  • manage individual access rights
  • control campus and dormitory access
  • secure computer labs, science labs and other high-value assets
  • integrate with scheduling and resource booking systems
  • evacuate or lock down sites in case of an emergency

Time and money saving solutions

From intelligent integration with building management systems, to people and time efficiencies gained through automation and smart use of resources, Gallagher designs solutions that save time and money.

Whether it’s across multiple zones within a single campus, or over multiple campuses, Gallagher solutions offer an intelligent, powerful way to ensure business continuity, protection of assets and keeping people safe.