AIG, Aéroport International de Genève, is one of the most dynamic airports in Europe. In 2012 alone it handled almost 13.9 million passengers and 193.000 flights to 120 destinations, serviced by 200 different companies. Obviously, with these figures, security is an important issue and needs to be up to standard at all times.

Managing access for a large workforce

The implemented AEOS platform controls the access of a workforce of 9,500, manages 37,500 badges, 200 organisations working at the airport’s facilities. Securing and controlling such a dynamic environment requires a flexible access control system, based on state-of-the-art technology which is able to meet present demands as well as future security requirements.

Handling multiple access control technologies

One of the main reasons for AIG to choose Nedap AEOS as its security management platform was its radical different architecture based on software components. AEOS software components allow the platform to support and enhance the airport’s security policy and procedures. Furthermore, changing requirements can be put into effect much more easily. Another reason to choose AEOS is its capability of simultaneously handling multiple reader and credential technologies in a single platform.

Single card access control

Four different identification technologies are used simultaneously in AEOS access control functionality at Geneva Airport: Nedap, Mifare, Legic and Magnetic stripe, each technology serving a different purpose. The Nedap Combi card has been put into place, which combines all the required technologies, therefore increasing convenience for the users, as they do not have to carry four different cards.