The internet helped revolutionise the security industry, and technology continues to evolve at a speed and depth that is changing the way people protect their premises.

Vanderbilt flagship products

Cloud technology has resulted in a society that is always connected. For the security industry, this means it is now possible to remotely monitor many locations from hundreds of miles away. This is an area where Vanderbilt solutions carry particular depth.

A browser and an internet connection are all that is required to access Vanderbilt’s flagship cloud products, ACT365 and SPC Connect. ACT365 is an integrated access control and video management solution while SPC Connect is one of the strongest intrusion detection solutions on the market.

Remote monitoring instant execution

Remote monitoring is a backbone feature of these solutions. This ability allows for the elimination of once laborious tasks that are now capable of instant execution through the quick click of a button on mobile phones, tablets, or PCs.

For example, Travix, an online travel company that use ACT365 at their London offices, wanted remote connectivity with their site through smart devices. ACT365 is delivering this by giving users control of access points via any major web browser or ACT365’s app. When not at the premises, Travix managers also have visibility of access requests to their external doors and diagnostics for door status throughout their offices.Remote monitoring also means both SPC Connect and ACT365 allow for technical queries to be diagnosed and resolved on the go

Diagnosing and resolving technical queries

Remote monitoring also means both SPC Connect and ACT365 allow for technical queries to be diagnosed and resolved on the go, delivering ultimate control to site security. This enables site issues to be dealt with efficiently, minimising disruption as these can be addressed immediately and around the clock.

SPC Connect provides the ability for a caretaker that oversees maintenance for multiple buildings to manage alarms remotely. If an alarm is triggered at one of these sites while the caretaker is working at a different location and getting to the incident is logistically difficult, they simply take out their smartphone, access the SPC Connect app, view the event, and turn off the alarm.

Keeping up with consumer needs

Essentially what remote monitoring boils down to is providing ease of use and convenience. Remote monitoring through cloud solutions saves time and money and brings peace of mind.

With technology continuing to embed itself into our everyday life, it’s important the security industry proves its agility, adaptability, and dependability in keeping up with consumer needs and remote and instant access to security solutions are an obvious list topper here. In that sense, the remote monitoring provided by SPC Connect and ACT365 are proof that Vanderbilt’s ear is to the ground in 2017.

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